Use the sleeves of my sweater, lets have an adventure


Summer is reaching a melancholy end and so i say hello from my dining room table. Yesterday was the first day of school. Although many voice dread at the advent of school, it is a secretly welcome occasion. Being reunited with familiar faces, settling back into a comfortable routine of sluffing first period, going out for lunch and rolling out of bed with a purpose, if not a groggy one, of getting primped and primed for the day. The after school hanging out, football games, driving with the music on so loud you cant hear yourself laughing. That feeling when the cute senior goes out of his way to talk to you. The creative ways people decide to hate someone. Walking past friends in the hallways and acting as if you haven’t seen them in years even though they were just in your last class. Trash talking every single teacher but not meaning a word of it.

I wont get to experience any of that.

Instead, I will be finishing the remainder of my work as a homeschool student for the rest of the semester. I’m not pregnant, sick or in trouble (per se), Its just that my parents decided that it would be wisest for me to move forward in discovering who I am and who I want to be. I’ll be graduating a semester earlier than my peers, and somehow this is supposed to guarantee that I will have a clearer idea of my future.


I wont deny it, I’m a little depressed. Actually kind of more than a little. I miss it a lot. I’m afraid i’ll forget how to speak english. Maybe in January I’ll crack open the front door and step outside and people will cover their eyes to shield themselves from the horror of the hairy, stinky, squinting creature i’ll become. Whatever. I legit am a bit scared too.

I’ve already started taking selfies at six in the morning.


Im really sorry about that. I just felt it was necessary for you to get a grip on the situation.

I hope you have a nice day.


(the top picture is of me and my lovely friend Samantha in a happier time)

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Oh hi!

I honestly don’t even know where to start. So much has happened in my life, and while I won’t bore you with every little detail, I’ll include some stuff.

School finished!!… The last few weeks were a mixture of sadness and excitement. The prospect of being done was exacting but bittersweet because I wouldn’t go back and see my friends there. I’ll miss so many people!

I started and finished the five week summer dance intensive. Wow. It was so physically demanding but also so rewarding. Every day we stretched for two hours, had traditional dance class for another couple of hours (beginning with a tortuous plié combination) and then walked to whole foods for a 45 minute lunch break.

After lunch we might have more class (sometimes even repeating the same plié combination!) and variations. Then “marathon” which is means basically dancing until your face is red and sweat is going into your eyes and you can hardly breathe and the room spins because you lose your spot in the turn combination at the end of the Coppelia variation.

But of course we are like family. I love the girls at my studio. We’ve been through thick and thin. I dont know how I’d get through dance without them!!




What’s been up with this chica


I spent a couple of afternoons in the library downtown last month and just fell in love with sitting by myself, quietly reading, or observing the busy people in the sprawling streets below me.
Sometimes all I need is some time to be alone with my thoughts.


Also, there have been a few just perfectly lovely days, and I haven’t been able to resist spending extra time outside. Just lovely. Being by myself, surrounded with couples who walk hand in hand. Who needs that, really? all that love… what a bother.

Another thing – on the 29th of February, leap day, I did something I had never before done. I drank a coke. Can’t say I’m all that impressed though…..sorry.

Spring is here! I’m so excited.

Breaking news, guys. I deleted my facebook.

Part of me is wondering how long I’ll last.

It was Daddy’s Birthday on the 7th! We had pastries for breakfast and I got to skip first period. In other words, it was a perfect start to a day that wasn’t even for me to really celebrate.

Oh. This is probably the biggest thing that has happened so far.

Today I went to donate blood because I’m charitable like that. Well I’ll be darned if that charitability didnt come right back and bite me in the behind.

Folks, I passed out!

I have never, ever, ever fainted before. I thought I was tough and strong. But one moment they’re searching for my vein *with a needle* (apparently I have really small veins) and the next thing I know I wake up to five worried nurses hovering over me.

I was extremely confused for a few moments, then I remembered where I was and suddenly I felt like I was about to die. My head was pounding, my ears ringing. I felt disconnected from the rest of my body. Later, I went to the bathroom and my face was literally this shade:

So yeah, I can cross fainting off my bucket list.

Love, Kenya xoxo

Don’t know what to call this!

So my life has become a soap opera.
I’m surprised I haven’t had a nervous breakdown yet!! One issue after another- I think I might have picked the wrong people to be my friends because there is something so principally wrong with girls who choose player guys over their friendship with you.

Yeah. More happy lists to come! I need em…


By yours truly

Cleaning my room
Makes me angry
And happy
And the same time

It’s trippy


All around me
Are cardboard boxes
Filled with stuff

We’re moving


Im sewing on
A button
To a jacket of mine

It fell off


My brothers are yelling
Their voices hoarse
They sound like
A horse


It’s Saturday
And I am still
In my pajamas



Happy stuff so I dont remember the crappy stuff

a) a unique fashion accessory

b)the most amazing photography blog on the face of the planet. It inspires me every day.

c)My most favorite song at the moment

d)Ha. Ha. Ha. Stupid. 

e)Super cute nail idea. I especially love the second feature.


g)Definitely my all time favorite perfume. It smells divine.

have a great four day weekend! xoxo


Valentino what-the-fino

Basically, this was my valentines day



I made them for myself:) cuz I’m super cool like that and relationships are overrated.

How was all of your most sweet valentine days?



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